Faery Realm Incense (loose) – Leighe, Luena, Marietha, Orlaithe, Praelyn, Sariena’, Sari’el

$7.00 $6.00


Loose incense is made from homegrown, wildharvested and/or certified organic plant materials

Corresponding soaps and jojoba based oils are available.

Discounts on sets, multiple and 9 bar block purchases.

Leighe-will help you find love
Luennae-helps with dream interpretation
Marietha-will help you quiet your mind so you can meditate
Orlaithe-is a bringer of wealth, riches and money
Praelyn-helps you find the happiness within yourself
Sariena’-will take you to a place of peaceful rest
Sari’el-will protect you when necessary